You got a lot of views? Okay, you're famous now. With the popularity of social media and the abrupt response of being seen as soon as something is posted, it seems like the easiest way to make it now is to do something crazy and post it and be famous in a few days. Its… Continue reading Insta-Fame

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Try Before you Buy…Not talking Cars.

Sex before marriage. Whew. So this is an interesting topic. I'll give the history on where my viewpoints come from so you understand my stance on the matter. *Clears throat* Alright, so I was brought up in a Christian household. My mother was/still is a Minister of Music so I was in the church with… Continue reading Try Before you Buy…Not talking Cars.


Happy Valen-spendalotofmoney-Tine’s Day!

Shucky Ducky and a Quack Quack February 14th. The day of love. Passion. Romance. Sybaris Sales. The time where Wal-mart and 'nem all set out the helium pumped, heart-shape balloons, the orchids and roses, red and pink cards, plushies, teddies, and Koalas that say "I'm Koalified to be yours," and of course the chocolate hearts.… Continue reading Happy Valen-spendalotofmoney-Tine’s Day!