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You got a lot of views? Okay, you’re famous now.

With the popularity of social media and the abrupt response of being seen as soon as something is posted, it seems like the easiest way to make it now is to do something crazy and post it and be famous in a few days. Its become so serious, I just saw BET held an award show for social media people …


They are getting it how they live and I’m trying not to sound like a hater.

Someone yells, “Too late”

However, these “comedians” that are popping up everywhere don’t tickle me. These people who constantly do skits, the people who record themselves doing stupid stuff (i.e. hurting people, hurting themselves, disrupting life), the ones that are just goofy and dance and yell for no reason, men with wigs on, and the ones that are really repetitive.

“Oh so you a hater, hater”

If you know that reference, he does a few good ones but the rest are blah.

I don’t know if its because we live in a microwave generation where we want entertainment now and fast that we settle for the the semi-funny and elevate that or if we’re just too lazy to seek out real talent? And that goes with other things as well, like rappers, singers, and actors. People post a few good things and boom, they’re in a movie or a show. In my opinion when I’ve seen that happen, they fall flat because they’re cast due to notoriety instead of talent. So who’s fault is that? Who’s fault isn’t it? It can’t be the F-List Instagram star cause we’re the ones watching and pushing them upward.

I dunno. Its just so easy to get discovered without really being good at anything now. You get one person who has a lot of fame/followers to post or @ someone and its pretty much set for the person. Then they start getting paid for making little one-minute skits that get millions of views. Meanwhile, the real artist is going to school, forking over large amounts of money, studying their craft and might not make it anywhere. lol. That sucks.

In this time though, myself included, we have the attention span of goldfishes. Like, if it doesn’t capture our attention in the first 5 seconds, then we swipe away. I’ve even gotten to the point where i’ll swipe sooner just cause I don’t think whatever it is, is worth my attention. So lack of attention paired with the need to be entertained by something that resembles real life is what we’re seeking, and its hard to produce that in regular TV. Have you noticed many shows are being cancelled after a few episodes? How can scripted TV compete when there are reality shows showing real fights or social media showing someone recording an argument at Applebee’s. Or someone giving their take on a real life situation on the Live Feeds on social media.

This is a slight rant because I just sat here and watched two of my favorite videos starring Jamie Foxx. He was on the Jimmy Fallon show doing Musical Impressions and a Musical Genre Challenge. And I finished watching them and thought, “now this man is talented.”

Jamie Foxx started off as a comedian, created a sitcom that was basically about him trying to become a star as he actually was in real life, stars in movies, plays the piano, and sings. Like what do you mean?! Talent.

Now we gotta’ look at people who are getting fame for having a smidgen of creativity for ideas, but lack having presence or character. Everything is shock value now. What kind of reaction can I get? What kind of attention will this draw?

I believe I saw Bria tweet something to the effect of, “I’m not impressed.”

Much l like Falcon said in Captain America: Cold War, “Everyone’s got a gimmick.”

I’m really trying not to sound like a hater, (cause you know, we’re all very sensitive now and if i say something negative, i’m an assumed hater) but just thinking of some of the “comedians” I’ve seen on Instagram, I just shake my head at the fact they’re “famous.” But like I said, What can you do? They have a fan base and that’s all that matters. I just know I hardly support that malarkey, but go head, make that money.

Anyways, I had to vent because the world is crazy and I should do something off the wall so I can up my followers and start selling flat tummy tea for a coin.

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