Oh Valentines Day. So many people hate you, but there are so many people that anticipate this day so much, they start their planning on January 2nd.

I am neither of those people.

Once Upon a Time…….

Way backkkkkkkk in 2003…..

There was a basketball player and a cheerleader that rode the same middle school activity bus home…they soon became friends….and a couple of days later, on Valentines Day, he asked her to be his girlfriend….and long story short (because this post is not about that)….those two children are now…..


So, you would think, because of how my love story started I would be the biggest heart freak on the planet! But, it is not my wedding date soooooooo I don’t know how to feel about it.

I feel like because Avery (my husband) and I started dating on the 14th, that is what that day was about. Yeah everything he gave me said Valentines Day, or was pink/red, or had hearts all over it. But it wasn’t really about the day it was about us and our relationship. That’s just how I feel, I have no idea how he sees it.

And now we are here (6 days ago) on this day again February 14th 2019.

About two weeks prior to the date I asked my lovely husband if he had the 14th off. So in the case that he did, I would schedule myself off and celebrate but he said no he did no so I scheduled myself to work all day to give my team their day of love. Get all the way to the week of and he finds out that he DOES have it off. Working retail, I have learned to pick my battles, switching up the schedule, if I don’t NEED to, is not one of them. So I decided that, this year, my husband needed to spend the perfect Valentines Day with our three year old daughter Brailee.

I got off of work around 7pm on the 13th and as soon as I opened the door Brailee was screaming “Happy Valentines Day Mommy”! There were cards and flowers for me on the table and daddy was standing that smiling from ear to ear. One thing about me, I love surprises. I don’t care if it’s from Avery, my parents, my child, my besties, WHOEVER wants to give me a surprise, I am down for it! So I loved that he did that because I was not expecting it at all.

That next morning I dropped Brailee off at daycare, which she was super hype for! She ran right up to her teacher to give her the Starbucks gift card I bought her. Brailee even asked me to take off the heart necklace she wanted to wear so she could give it to her friend Maya. It was super sweet.

The mall was extremely busy and I honestly didn’t expect many customers. And every time I have that thought, it reminds me that Castleton Square Mall ALWAYS has too many people so I was slanggin’ shoes all day. The goal was only $600 for the day (which was made by a previous co-manager the exact same day prior) and I managed to end the day with $2300! My mother-in-law stopped by with a rose and chocolate, when I ordered Chik Fil’A my food came with a rose and Avery and Brailee showed up at the mall with their Valentines cookies they had decorated together.

I had no idea what Avery’s plans were for the day with his daughter and I think he did well. He picked her up from school and then went home and decorated a bunch of cookies. What I found out later was that they made deliveries to myself, my parents and my in-laws. I think that was super cute.

After reading a little bit about the day, in my opinion, the day can be whatever you make it. It kind of sounds like it started out like a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day and then became what it is now. [I wonder what gifts will be exchanged on MLK Day by 3019]


I had a great day and I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day and got what they wanted!


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