Happy Valen-spendalotofmoney-Tine’s Day!

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Shucky Ducky and a Quack Quack

February 14th.

The day of love.



Sybaris Sales.

The time where Wal-mart and ‘nem all set out the helium pumped, heart-shape balloons, the orchids and roses, red and pink cards, plushies, teddies, and Koalas that say “I’m Koalified to be yours,” and of course the chocolate hearts.

Its basically a money come up.

*Adjusts reading glasses* According to the National Retail Federation, “consumers will spend near-record $19.6 billion on Valentines day” (2018). So that was last year and its a possibility it could be higher this year, so now I’m anxious to see what that will be.

But it goes on to say the average spent on V-day is $143.56. Now, hold on.

*Reads article more cause this is off the top of the dome*

Okay, so they’re literally counting everything from dinner out, experiences like concerts and pro games, jewelry, clothes, flowers, a whole evening out, giving to parents and children and even teachers, gift cards and certificates. So this makes me wonder if they just count anything spent on Valentines day.

What if lonely Craig is out buying groceries that happen to resemble an amorous dinner for two but its really just going to be him eating both portions… is that counted?

Nevertheless, Valentines day is a come up for retailers and not exactly a “real” holiday in my eyes.

I do wish we got the day off but do you know how many babies would pop up come November?

Talking V-day over with my man friend we came to the agreement that V-day is really a waste of money. He suggested the money that would be used for items like chocolates and cake could be spent or in his words, “blown” at a casino.

No, no, no, my friend. That’s what we’re not going to do.

While I agree V-day is a sham, blowing money at the casino is not the better alternative! He said there would be a better chance to bet it and have our own come up. But i’m no good at gambling nor do I know what i’m doing so I don’t like those chances. Only game I would really want to play is Russian Roulette. Plus, if we don’t win, we lose the money and I have nothing in the end. If we got gifts at least I could be sad and eat chocolate.

I suggested we just save it and spent time together. Save that money for another day.

I felt real adult-ish saying that.

I’m sure there are others who think like that and i’m actually late to the party but I made it!

Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m not anti-Valentines day, just taking a different approach this year. When we came to the conclusion to not get anything for each other I had a thought in the back of my mind like, “This better not be the new normal,” because who doesn’t want gifts? More than the gift, it’s the sentimental value. Like the teddy bear I still have from my ex that’s way back behind some boxes in my parents cold garage.

It just seems like everything has to be such a big production and be compared on social media. Its all social media’s fault. People have to out-do one another when it shouldn’t be like that. Everything seems based on how many likes or reactions one can get. Nothing is secretive!

I saw a post on Twitter that read, “You ladies are going to get lingerie for your man and your going to post it on here so its for us too.”

They not lyin’

But I’m not here to judge. However you choose to spend Valentine’s day is up to you, of course. Get it how you live. Flourish. Blow Money Fast.

Expend your currency on the Godiva chocolates, the Tiffany jewelry, the Vicky Secrets Bra-lets, and the Priscilla’s furry handcuffs.

And if you’re feeling empty on this V-day, don’t fret, its only a day*. You’re not alone. Craig is eating a meal for two while listening to Bobby Womack, “If You Think You’re Lonely Now. You can listen too, or better yet, listen to Beyonce’ Love on Top and be happy!

I recommend the live version, myself.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image result for chicken wing bouquet

*Its only a day = but it will take a day or two for the stores to get rid of all the gifts in addition to people posting their pictures.

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