Aye"New Year, New Me"

New Year, New Me!

Is it just me, or does this statement come from people that don’t really change??

Hopefully by the end of this, I will have a whole new statement to carry me through 2019!

2018 was BAD, like real

I started 2018 with the death of my aunt LaShonda (known to me as Eesha). She was my number 1 supporter of any AND everything I have ever done. And I will just keep it there, if I go into what she really means to me, I’ll have to change the title to “New Year, No EEsha”.

So anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

So, let’s just say the rest of 2018 was full of negative energy and I was not feelin it! But at the same time a lot of amazing things happened! My jordiewhitt got married, I sold over 1 million dollars worth of baby shoes, and my husband and I bought a house!! So much to celebrate, I can’t help but keep a positive mental attitude at all times!

Now, let’s talk about 2019!

Normally all of my yearly goals have to do with work and how I will bring my business to the next level. This year I am taking the same drive that I have always had at work and I am using that same motivation to drive right out of work, when I need to! For years all I have heard is “All you do is work” “I didn’t tell you about it because I knew you would be working” “Are you sure you are going to be able to get off of work on time?” Yes, it’s true, I have filled the last 8 years of my life BUILDING a career and now it is time to build a better work/life balance.

Before the year started I wanted to set three goals for myself to carry me through 2019 and after lots of thought I ended up narrowing it down to one. I need to get hella organized! And I am not talking about Marie Kondo organized. I just need to write down everything that needs to happen for the rest of the year so that I can be there! So I bought a planner!

So far, I think it’s helping! I have the ability to write in schedules for five people. It’s normally my husband, brailee, my mother (MIMI) and my self. That way, on one page I can see what everyone has going on for the week. I wonder if this concept is just normal for others because so far I feel like it is time consuming but it works so I am still onboard!

When I started this post I wanted a New Years mantra, if you will. But I guess I have come to the conclusion that “New Year, New Me” is the best way to motivate yourself towards your new goals. So if you are claiming this year will show a new you, DO IT, because it only becomes pointless if you end up in the same spot 365 days from now.

Here is to a year full of good times and travel! I have lots of built up PTO, so ladies, WHERE WE GOING!?


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