Our Black History

My Black.

Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud!

Goodness and Mercy- Where do I begin? Like James Brown said, “I’m black and I’m Proud!” I love the skin I’m in and wouldn’t trade it for any other.

First, can we take a moment, if you haven’t already and observe the iconic photo above. I mean, *exhales* The power, the strength, the determination, the fearlessness, the unbothered-ness, the “you-better-get-that-gun-out-my-face” attitude that this woman exudes as she continues on her path serves not only Black power but Black Woman Magic.

This picture makes me think of the men and women in my family who are strong, smart, beautiful an Black!

Quick Story

In college I had to take a sociology class where we had to make a family tree and show our upward mobility. It was a project that I had a lot of fun creating as well as gathering information from the older family members in my family. To make it quick, I found out going only 5 generations back, my great-great grandmother was a slave on my mothers side. On my fathers side, I was only able to collect so much info; my great-grandmother and grandfather were farmers. But to find out I came from Africa, to become slaves, to house-workers, to farmers, to factory workers, to my parents attending college and both working in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, to both of their children graduating from college; one received her masters and the other played Pro basketball around the world.


The information I received on my family intrigued me so much, I went further to see what ancestry.com could offer and the results are above.

*Starts planning trip to Africa.

So when I think back over my family’s history seeing how far we came as well as Black people as a whole; it really tugs on the heart strings. While it may have taken us some years to overcome* we have moved some mountains. Which is another reason we need to continue to acknowledge Black History Month.

When the first of the month hit, I wondered how I would recognize Black History Month and really had no clue what I would do. But the idea came for the other authors and I to write our own take on Black History Month for the blog. Not specifying what exact route to take with it, but doing what resonated the most in us would be our approach.

I already have ideas of other posts I want to make for this category, but this was just my intro.

More to Come.

*We’re still overcoming due to the current climate in America.

4 thoughts on “My Black.

  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing! I have one question though… After seeing your results from ancestry.com, what was your reaction to your ties to Europe? I did a DNA test awhile back as well and found similar finds. But I couldn’t shake the fact that somewhere down my genealogical line one of my great grandmothers was raped and impregnated by a European slaver…

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    1. Thanks for your comment and reading! And before I did the ancestry look up, I always had an inkling that there was European on my dads side. Him and his sisters are all light skinned and my grandmother was exceptionally fair skinned. When i asked if they knew of anything, they didn’t, so to see that, it confirmed my thoughts. It makes me sad to think that is why I have traces of European in my blood. The way you wrote that has made me see the ugly side. I initially looked at it and thought, “oh, that probably my fathers side” and really thought nothing more. So while it isn’t a pleasant thought, thanks for helping me see what it really was and why its there.

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      1. I honestly didn’t mean to damper your day by sharing my prospective 😅 I honestly couldn’t shake it so I had to wonder if it crossed your mind as well


      2. Lol it did cross my mind when i talked it over with my mom, but I’m a reader and writer and stuff effects me differently when reading something and really having time to process it rather than quickly replying to hold a convo. But it’s quite alright. Gives me more to think about for this month!

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