What it is?

Uh wassup? Well…my name is Kayla. I actually had never blogged before prior to a few days ago, but I was required to for one of my classes and I ended up really enjoying it. I knew Chavez and Bria were bloggers and that’s kinda how this all came together. We thought it would be cool to start a blog for fun where we could talk about things from our different lenses. So here we are.

Who am I?

I’m a woman. JK. But the words I would use to describe myself are: crazy (not psycho, just the things I say lol), goofy, transparent, silly, smart, kind and weird. I am a mother of two beautiful boys (6 and 7). Being a mother is the best thing in the world, but also the most challenging. I’m sure I’ll talk about that later. I am currently a grad student studying Urban Education. I also work in education (at the same university I attend). I LOVE learning. May sound…however it sounds to you…but I truly do. I am very passionate about education and equity of opportunity for all students. Again, I am sure I will talk more about that later. Anyway doe, I love being with my family and friends. Nothing makes me happier. I love cooking, wine, music,coffee, and dancing. Concerts are my favorite. I also really like writing. More so academically, but one day I might be writing my own novels or something. Ya never know.

Until we meet again…

I hope that this blog gives me and my girls a chance to detach from our day to day lives and just let go. Because we are all walking through life in different shoes, I also hope that this becomes a platform for us to connect with young women like us and serve as some sort of encouragement and a place where we can share resources. I am really excited to share this experience with Chevie, Sara, Deja, and Bria and I hope anyone reading our posts will enjoy it too. Until we meet again!

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